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Press BBC Online (November 15, 2005)
Hummus Bros (in the centre of Soho at 88 Wardour Street W1/ 020 7734 1311) simply serves up incredibly fresh hummus made daily, with the night shift pulverising the chickpeas from 2am.

I had a filling meal with drinks for just £10, which is remarkable considering its location.

The large dollop of hummus, with a touch of floating olive oil, arrives with a choice of toppings, including fava beans, mushroom and coriander, beef and chicken. These come with pitta bread and start at £2.50.

Bigger portions are around the £4 mark and I had a grilled vegetable salad of sweet potato, red peppers, courgettes and onions for £2.50. Fresh apple juice was £1.30 and I finished with malabi, a milk-based pud with a swirl of date honey for £1.50 and mint tea at £1.

The tables are wooden and refectory style, the colour scheme is American mustard (you know, like the squirty stuff) and burgundy. The two boys who set it up, Christian and Ronan, aren't actual brothers but do look remarkably similar.

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