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Hummus Tale

Hummus TaleHummus for the people
Hummus Bros was born on a glorious hot day in May 2003, when, as two college friends, we were searching for something filling and healthy that would taste great, and still leave some change for drinks at the Union Bar. Passing on the usual options of pizza or sandwiches, we stumbled out of a small specialist delicatessen with three basic ingredients: pitta bread, hummus and olive oil. In no time at all, the bowls of hummus were wiped spotlessly clean. "I could eat a good meal like that everyday!" someone remarked. We looked at each other and smiled - a dream was born: to open a place dedicated to hummus.

Having our own place, where hummus could be served and celebrated with imaginative flair, was our one overriding ambition from that day on. We spent every spare moment in our small kitchen - cooking, mixing and caressing chickpeas to get that perfect combination of texture and taste. Weekends or weekdays, before or after lectures - we just had to get it right. Little did we know how challenging it would be. After months of experimenting with different ingredients, countless tasting sessions and facing public scrutiny in busy markets (were you there? tell us), we finally got there. The recipe was a winner.

Now it was time to take Hummus Bros to the people...

The First Hummus Bros

Two years later, in August 2005, the first Hummus Bros opened on Wardour Street, Soho, London.

Our superior tasting hummus is made daily from carefully selected, fresh ingredients. We serve our secret-recipe hummus with mouth-watering toppings and beautifully warm pitta bread. A unique selection of salads, soups, desserts and coffee complements the feast.

Inspired taste, value for money and quality of service is how sophisticated marketing people might describe our offer, but for us, it's simpler than that: it's about making great hummus.

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