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Press Where & Now (27 January 2012)
If you are a city worker and are looking for something different and healthy for your lunch break then you should try Hummus Bros on Cheapside for a spot of Hummus. read article

Scotsman (21 January 2012)
In London, though yet to reach Scottish shores, a favourite of mine is the Hummus Bros chain - which serves various flavours of the tahini-based Mediterranean staple on pitta bread to hungry workers at lunchtime. read article

Daily Star Sunday's, OK! EXTRA magazine (4 December 2012)
Hollywood's Hottest Stars Give Peas a Chance. read article

Daily Mail (15 October 2011)
The result was an instant success. read article

Women's Fitness (14 October 2011)
Hummus Bros offers a quick, affordable and, most importantly, nutritious way to lunch in the capital. read article

What I Ate Last Night (11 October 2011)
This buzzy little restaurant sits nestled amongst the various eateries on Wardour Street looking cool, trendy and inviting. read article

Mail on Sunday (9 October 2011)
There's more to Hummus Bros than that, with fresh toppings from chunky beef to fava beans. read article

Sunday Mirror (9 October 2011)
We got the experts from London eatery Hummus Bros to tell us the best way to eat their favourite dish... read article

BBC News (7 October 2011)
How hummus conquered Britain. The chain serves hummus as a staple food accompanied by chicken, beef, guacamole or beans. read article

Star Magazine (12 September 2011)
Star-o-meter Hot - We've ditched boring sarnies for yummy lunches from Hummus Bros. read article

Mostly Food (9 September 2011)
Hummus Bros is keen to stress its eco-friendly philosophy but you won't become a regular here for that reason. You'll return for the food. read article

Financial Times (1 July 2011)
The runner-up in our blind tasting came from our favourite double act, Hummus Bros: "indulgent, delicious" (GP). Hummus Bros has three restaurants in London, where it claims to be the first eatery in the UK to use hummus as the standard base for its main courses. - read article.

The Time Out Blog (18 June 2011)
Hummus Bros Barter Day offers free lunch in return for unwanted clothes, books and homewares - read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (7 February 2011)
JoAnne Good talks to the Hummus Brothers about the Valentines Day love at first bite event - listen to the clip.

the wandering foody (6 February 2011)
Their menu is concise but fun: you choose a topping or two for your hummus, and, if you like, substitute the pita bread with gluten-free bread, corn tortilla chips, rice cakes or carrot sticks. Allergy-friendly and fresh ingredients. I think they've nailed the concept of healthy fast food here. - read article.

David Joseph Constable (31 January 2011)
Hummus Bros have three stores in London: Soho, Holborn and St. Paul's where they specialise in bowls of houmous topped with a variety of ingredients, from succulent chicken thighs with paprika to a refreshingly zingy guacamole, all served with warm, doughy pitta bread (some of the best pitta I've tasted). - read article.

Hungry Female (30 January 2011)
The concept is simple, and effective. Take hummus as a base, whack on a topping of your choice, choose a side if you wish, and voila. A tasty, healthy and good alternative to the ubiquitous sandwich. - read article.

The Scrag End (28 January 2011)
So, while it might not surprise you to discover that Hummus Bros is really rather good, it surprised me. - read article.

Chérie City (27 January 2011)
Hummus dishes are a great alternative to the usual lunchtime wraps and sandwiches, as the hot toppings make them feel more like a meal. - read article.

HÄLSA (December 2010)
The Swedish monthly health magazine recommends Hummus Bros as one of London's top vegetarian restaurants! - read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (13 July 2010)
JoAnne Good talks to the Hummus Brothers about the Soho Food Fair in aid of Cancer Research, Twitter and working as a waitress - listen to the clip.

Time Out London (Spring/Summer 2010)
This simple and hugely successful formula at this cafe/takeaway is to serve houmous as a base for a selection of toppings read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (5 April 2010)
JoAnne Good talks to the Hummus Brothers about David Schwimmer, Twitter & the health benefits of hummus - listen to the clip.

London Magazine (May 2009)
Bring it on! While the credit crunch munches it's way through most company profits, others arn't just surviving but thriving. Jo Mackertich talks to the businesses bucking the trend - read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (14 March 2009)
JoAnne Good and Simon Lederman talk about Barter Day - listen to the clip.

Evening Standard (13 March 2009)
Crunch Buster - Barter for your lunch.
If you are hungry and happen to have an old DVD, book or some unwanted clothes to hand, hurry over to Hummus Bros this Sunday where they are giving diners the chance to bring along donations in return for a bite to eat. read article.

The London Paper (13 March 2009)
Hummus Bros Barter Day
Get rid of tat and get a free lunch on Sunday, when Hummus Bros are exchanging any second-hand clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, DVDs, book s and other stuff for anything off their menu. read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (11 March 2009)
Danny Baker talks about Barter Day - listen to the clip.

The London Paper (10 March 2009)
Hummus Bros - barter for your meal
The Soho cafe has teamed up with Cancer Research UK to let you bring in clothes, DVDs and other household donations in exchange for food. This Sunday only, noon till 6pm. read article.

Daily Express (July 12, 2008)
Capital ideas for a whirlwind tour by Vanessa Feltz
Imagine a restaurant in which every dish features hummus. You can't? Well, a couple of entrepreneurs did and the result is Wardour Street's Hummus Brothers. read article.

The Guardian (February 25, 2008)
Spread the word
Stuck in a rut with your lunch routine? Sick of the same old offerings from the sandwich chains? Food writers recommend the best independent cafes, snack shops and delis in cities around Britain. read article.

Time Out London (January 23 - 29, 2008)
Hummus Bros is featured as 12th most Fabulous restaurant in London! read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (September 2007)
David Schwimmer talks about his favorite London restaurant - Hummus Bros! listen to the clip.

Voyager - BMI inflight magazine (May 2007)
Trend Watch - One Dish Wonders
Hummus Brothers gave the tasty chickpea dish the full star billing when they launched in Soho's Wardour Street, followed by a Holborn branch. read article.

Dr Desi (April 23, 2007)
Give Peas a Chance!
The food at Hummus Bros is indulgent satisfaction at its most potent! So if you're looking for something original, something filling and definitely something cheap, pay these guys a visit - they'll make it worth your while! read article.

Time Out London (February 21, 2007)
The Food & Drink 50
Lucky workers in the Russell Square are now have easy access to this excellent fast food joint. read article.

Time Out London (September 20, 2006)
Food & Drink - Best Cheap Eats
A slick cafe and takeaway based on houmous? Genius. read article.

Time Out London (August 30, 2006)
Food & Drink - London's in your lunch hour
The most popular item is houmous topped with guacamole (£5). A brilliant idea well executed. read article.

The Guardian (April 26, 2006)
A guide to the best healthy fast food alternatives in Britain
Fantastic tasting Hummus made fresh every day, served with warm pitta bread and delicious hot toppings. read article.

Time Out London (March 29 - April 5, 2006)
Cheap Eats - The Thrifty Fifty
The food's all surprisingly tasty and - with its shared tables and benches - it has a friendly atmosphere and smiling staff. read article.

Fresh Direction (Summer 2006)
Take a seat at one of the communal bench tables and indulge in some heavenly homemade hummus and warm pitta bread. read article.

The Evening Standard (January 5, 2006)
A small and eccentric new restaurant that is, as its name suggests, fixated on hummus. It has a cheerful atmosphere and is not too expensive. If your resolution includes a detox period and plainer food this is the place. read article.

High Life (December 2005)
In the Mediterranean, falafels are for amateurs. Purists focus on hummus and opt for the chickpea and hard-boiled egg option. read article.

BBC Online (November 15, 2005)
Hummus Bros simply serves up incredibly fresh hummus made daily, with the night shift pulverising the chickpeas from 2am. read article.

Financial Times Magazine (November 12, 2005)
PRANDIAL PLEASURE - What a spread. There are restaurants that specialise in fish, others in meat, but few where the humble chick pea is the main player. read article.

BBC Radio London 94.9FM (November 1, 2005)
Hummus Bros featured on BBC Radio London. listen to the show.

easyJet In-Flight (November 2005)
This newly opened shrine to hummus was dreamt up by two college friends on a mission to give the chickpea snack all the limelight it deserves. read article.

Metro (October 19, 2005)
The single gal's favourite snack - hummus - has just landed itself a starring role. Cheap and very cheerful. read article.

Time Out London (October 12 - 19, 2005)
Hummus Bros rated number 2 in this week's pick of the Food & Drink 50 - Time Out's essential guide of London's best bars and restaurants.

Boyz (October 8, 2005)
The boys freshly prepare their hummus each day. The hummus was excellent, and the meat toppings nicely succulent & flavoursome. read article.

Time Out London (September 28 - October 5, 2005)
Who knew tahini could be so much fun?
Now here's a good idea. Take some delectable Levantine dishes, serve them in a stylishly designed Soho fast food place, and what have you got? Hummus Bros. read article.

The Times (September 8, 2005)
Our love affair with the chickpea has spawned Britain's first hummus bar. read article.

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