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Our logo might be red, but we try to be green at the same time.

1. Energy and water saving
- The electricity we use in our stores is derived from renewable sources (non-polluting green energy).
- We use low energy CFL fluorescent lamps wherever possible.
- When we are closed at night, we reduce our power consumption to a minimum by switching off lights and switching off any non essential machinery.
- We have low-flush or dual-flush toilets.

2. Waste and recycling
- Our marketing material is printed on recycled paper.
- In our Holborn store our recyclable waste is collected daily. We would like to do the same in our Soho location but no solution is available.
- We are developing take-away containers made from recycled material that will be fully recyclable and/or compostable.
- We use wooden forks and take away bags made from recycled paper.

3. Procurement system
- Whenever possible, we place large orders to avoid unnecessary delivery trips.
- Most of our ingredients are sourced locally to reduce the distance they travel.
- Our delivery vehicle complies with the Euro IV emission standard (the lowest emission rating in its class) and our tyre pressure is checked monthly.

If you have ideas or suggestions to make our business more environmentally friendly, please let us know!

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