Hummus Bros is about feeding you homemade hummus, a classic vegetarian/vegan dish, with mouth watering toppings, scooped off your own individual bowl with warm pitta bread, and accompanied by refreshing salads and juices. From our simple chickpea topping to our famous guacamole topping, even the most discerning vegetarian is certain to find something to love.

Does your hummus contain any eggs of dairy?
No, our hummus is made only from chickpeas, lemon juice, and ground sesame seeds.

What's that white stuff you dollop on the side of every hummus dish?
It's called tahina, and is made from ground sesame seeds and lemon juice. It's 100% vegan.

Do you have any warm vegetarian/vegan food?
Yes, we do: the chickpea topping, fava bean (ful) topping and mushroom topping.

Do you have any alternative to pitta bread?
Yes, you can substitute your pittas for carrots, rice cakes, gluten-free bread, or 100% corn tortillas. One substitution with a small hummus, two with a regular.

Check out our Custom Menu Builder, where you can create a Vegetarian, Vegan or Allergy-Free version of our menu.

Vegetarian SocietyMembers of the Vegetarian Society are entitled to a free mint tea with every hummus main course ordered.

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